HON.jp News Blog wins JEPA Award


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Our own HON.jp News Blog, published by the Alliance of Independent Authors in Japan, was honored with this year’s JEPA Super Contents Award by Japan Electronic Publishing Association (JEPA) on December 21, 2018.

Super Contents Award is among the five categories including Digital Infrastructure and Excellent Service bestowed annually by JEPA, an association dedicated to the development of the publishing/information industry. The Grand Prize went to Otobank’s audiobook.jp, Japan’s pioneering audiobook service.

Established in 2007, JEPA has encouraged all stakeholders in publishing industry from the established stalwarts to emerging new media in the dissemination of electronic publications and the improvement of the applied technology.

Upon receiving the award, HON.jp editor Ryo Takano quipped, “It feels a little strange, for I’m usually on the other side WITH the press corps.”

“Knowing that the previous winners include Toyo Keizai Online and Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+, I’m not entirely sure if we deserve this,” he said. “However, when we saw the previous HON.jp DayWatch in peril, we felt we couldn’t let this medium disappear.”

The award ceremony and reception were held at Japan Education Center in Chiyoda, Tokyo. All categories and the winners of this year are as follows:

  • Digital Infrastructure Award: NetGalley (pubridge/Digital Publishing Initiatives Japan)
  • Super Contents Award: Hon.jp News Blog (Alliance of Independent Authors in Japan)
  • Excellent Service Award: audiobook.jp (Otobank) – Grand Prize winner
  • Challenge Mind Award: Aspara Books (East/Impress R&D/MicroContents)
  • Exciting Tool Award: Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe Systems)

Hon.jp appreciates your continued support and wish you a happy new year!


JEPA release: http://www.jepa.or.jp/pressrelease/20181221/



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